About Me

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It all started when…

Without making this sound to much like a resume…

I was born a 3rd generation sprinkler fitter. My Grandfather, my Dad, entire family on my Dad’s side was involved with the fire sprinkler industry in own way (fitting) or another (designing). I decided to do both. After completing my apprenticeship, installing systems for several years I decided to enroll in the Seneca College online Sprinkler Systems Design program (Highly recommend, look for an episode featuring Seneca College staff soon, or in past episodes depending when you read this). I finished a 2 year program in 9 months, as my wife was pregnant with our first son (shown above). I trained design under my Uncle, who is still one of the smartest sprinkler designers I know (just ask him!). Kidding aside, I had a great amount of support from my family to get through school.

After a few years of estimating, designing, and managing projects for a small family owned and operated sprinkler company, I decided I throw myself head into the industry and attempt to help out in any way possible. My first opportunity came with the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Associations Technical Committee. I was elected by the CASA members of Ontario to be 1 of 2 Ontario Representatives. We assisted municipalities and companies with code revisions and clarifications. I attended conferences and meetings with some of the smartest people in the industry and to this day remains one of the greatest accomplishments of my career. This committee welcomed this “fitter in a golf shirt” into there group and probably taught me more than I provided to them.

Throughout my years as a fitter and member of the technical committee, the Ontario College of Trades was inviting me to review and assist with the development of the Red Seal Exam for Sprinkler and Fire Protection systems installer. This is the exam all apprentices have to take in order to become certified sprinkler fitters across Canada. I applied for a position with the Ontario College of Trades Trade Board, and was accepted. I currently sit on this board, still new, I look forward to helping shape the Fire Protection Industry in Ontario.

The Podcast was created in February of 2018. The reason for creating this podcast was strictly due to lack of available content. I was searching and searching for audible content to listen to on long drives, (a sucker for talk radio since my teenage years) developing a podcast as a “first to market” deal seemed like a good idea. Still new at this, I look forward to providing the industry with opinions from both sides of the table (management and employees) and am currently looking for new interviewees to come on and discuss the industry as a whole.

Thanks for listening, and for supporting the Fire Sprinkler Podcast.