Illinois AHJ

I am a third party fire protection consultant and also a firefighter and deal with contractors, owners and AHJs on a daily basis. I recently found your podcast and find it to be relative, very informative, enlightening and passionate. But I do have to say not everyone is created the same. I have come across a lot of design/install contractors that say they know the code and what is required, but their submittal documents do not meet the intent of the code. I also have seen AHJs have requirements that are beyond the scope of the code without any ordinances to back them up. Education in our industry is the key to everything. Great mentors are desperately needed along with code knowledge and keeping up with new technologies within the industry. I hope that they listen to your program to gain knowledge and inspiration as to what it means to be part of the "Fire Protection"family. We may be on opposite ends of the table most times, but we still have one common goal preservation of Life and Property. Thank you for what you do

Colorado Instructor

Hey Chris this is ****the instructor from ***** we met in Ann Arbor this past August I just wanted you to know that I was able to use your podcast as a teaching and class time tool this Saturday. It went really well and my guys really took to it I think. I hope you can gain some of my guys as subscribers and listeners as well. Hope all is well up north for you

Ohio Instructor

Had a class of 20 listening to parts of the podcast today. We were learning about Tyco anti-freeze and touching on pride in our work due to sprinklers saves. I heard the episode with freezemaster this morning and worked it into class on the fly. Great podcast!