September 29, 2018

Fire Sprinkler Podcast Evolving!

Hi everyone! Is this thing on? I m not sure if anyone is still reading this blog, hasn’t been an update in a while. so I suppose I ll provide a little update to those scrounging the internet for “whats fire sprinkler podcast doing lately” searches….seriously, google has called…

Alright. That never happened. I am, however, blown away by the support of the fire sprinkler podcast. I have launched a supply house to help me grow this project to a successful brand. I believe with everyone’s support, we can create a Fire Sprinkler brand that people can stand behind as a staple of the industry.

I am hoping to launch a larger apparel brand with the fire sprinkler podcast. If anyone has any design experience, please drop me a line at

Thank you to Drew Slocum for the demonstration of Inspect Point sprinkler inspection software. I enjoyed utilizing it in the field, and see this as a game changer in the near future. Keep an eye on inspect point!

May 14th, 2018

Upcoming Fire Sprinkler Day!

I am pleased to announce I will be participating in the first annual Fire Sprinkler Day on May 19th, 2018 in Corunna Ontario. With the assistance of the St. Clair Township Fire Department and Wallace-Kent Sprinkler Systems Inc., we will performing a Side by Side sprinkler demonstration, with complete flash over and sprinkler activation. The purpose of this demonstration is to give realtors, insurance providers, home builders, and the general public a visual depiction of how quickly fire can overtake your home, preventing you from getting out. I will be recording video and audio for the podcast. 

Thanks again for the support!

May 13th, 2018

4 Episodes deep

Recorded and released 4 episodes of the Fire Sprinkler Podcast so far, have lists of material I will be going over for new content real soon. A few pretty good sponsorship opportunities that I am waiting for, which is provide even more, newer content. I am excited to get release this information as it becomes available. Thanks every body for the support, I have decided to remove the Sprinkler Saves portion of the website, due to lack of consistent traffic, as well as the additional time required to update it actively. I will be sharing sprinkler saves on our social media pages, see stay tuned to them for all your sprinkler saves! Thanks everyone again for the support. We're only getting started!

March 23 2018

New Equipment, New Opportunities

Finally picked up the much needed equipment to take the show on the road! Picked up a digital recorder and am now looking for manufactures interested in showing off there new products or manufacturing facilities! Contact me at if your interested in showing off your products. Also looking for interesting projects on the go in your area. 

Thanks again for all the support!


March 17th, 2018

Upcoming week. 

 May 19th is Fire Sprinkler Day! NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is initiating Fire Sprinkler Day to educate the public about the many benefits of residential fire sprinklers. I have offered up Wallace-Kent Sprinkler Systems Inc. side by side sprinkler demonstration, as well as my self to the multiple municipalities in my area. In a fun competition of sorts, the first municipality to "claim" interest will get the demonstration and me. I will be recording the demonstration on video, as well as recording some audio for use in a podcast. Travel for the trailer is limited to the Southwestern Ontario region. Educational material will be provided.


March 1st. 2018

Week 1

Launched an introduction podcast on February 26th, uploaded to Itunes on February 27th. Waiting to see the downloads from Itunes, but it looks like this podcast will build a decent following quickly! With almost 1000 individual views to the website in 2 weeks, I am starting to get writing on the first actual podcasts. Duration is still to be determined, the topics of discussion with vary from episode to episode. I will be relying on the viewers and followers to provide the unique projects and ITM facilites around north america. 

Thanks again for the support, much appreciated!

February 20th, 2018

Starting up..

Seem to be gaining some followers on the Facebook group                                  ( ), 150 likes/follows in under a week. We are also on Twitter now, @firesprkpodcast, and instagram @firesprinklerpodcast. Picking up the necessary equipment (microphones) and getting the intro's set up and recorded. Will probably be launching the first podcast's either March 2nd, or 9th. 

  Thanks again for the support, keep sharing the social media pages! 



February 16th, 2018

The Beginning...

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the support in creating this podcast. Anyone to knows me well, knows I am very passionate about the industry and am always looking for new ways to contribute and learn about the trade. 

My name is Chris Logan. I am a third generation sprinkler fitter-turned designer who bleeds sprinkler water. I try to stay involved in the industry in as many ways as possible. I am currently employed at our family owned and operated fire protection company Wallace-Kent Sprinkler Systems Inc. ( We are located in south western Ontario, Canada. I am also one of two Ontario representatives sitting on the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association's technical committee, we discuss potential code and requirement changes from across Canada,( I enjoy attending different trade shows around Ontario educating and discussing fire sprinkler, meeting with different authorities including fire departments, building departments.  I am married to a wonderful wife and mother to our 2 boys (future fitters!).

I look forward to expanding and growing this podcast to fill the gap not currently available online. I am open to suggestions, and the podcast email is

Thank you again for the support, I look forward to getting this started!